Habit reversal for atopic eczema and successful self-help

author/source: DrB



Sue Armstrong Brown is an environmental scientist who has spent 20 years in conservation and environmental policy, working for academia, Government, and NGOs. She suffered from severe chronic eczema from childhood until her late 20s, with several long stays in hospital, and significant impacts on her quality of life. She followed the habit reversal programme at Chelsea and Westminster in 1997, which changed everything, and inspired her to work closely with Dr Chris Bridgett to write "The Eczema Solution". She is now free from chronic atopic skin disease.

In this slide presentation she talks about the importance of having professional support when following a self-help treatment programme.



This presentation was first given at the multidisciplinary meeting "Habit Reversal & Atopic Eczema" on 23 March 2017, at The Medical Society of London

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