Habit Reversal for Atopic Eczema: Motivation and Success

author/source: DrB



Reena Shah is a London UK based NHS Chartered Senior Clinical Psychologist and a specialist in Psychodermatology. Previously she worked in the Dermatology Departments at The Royal London Hospital and Whipps Cross University Hospital, London., UK. She is in private practice at The Dermatology Clinic, London, UK. She has worked with the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin, and the British Association of Dermatologists' psychodermatology advisory group.

In the slide presentation below she talks about her experience as a clinical psychologist using habit reversal for chronic atopic eczema, with an emphasis on factors that seem  linked to successful results - especially around motivation for change.


This presentation was first given at the multidisciplinary meeting "Habit Reversal & Atopic Eczema" on 23 March 2017, at The Medical Society of London

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