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Anti-allergy bedding

       is a popular source of bedding
       for those with house-dust mite allergy


Microfilter Vacuum Cleaner
    Designed specifically for allergy sufferers and also available from

"The Eczema Solution" by Sue Armstrong-Brown

  Available from (with a tally counter here)
 & also at

Hand Tally Counters

    The key to habit reversal.
Available in bulk  from - these are the clickers I prefer: part number M4245-011-X. They are mechanical - no batteries - and are made from plastic. They are very easy to use. Ask for the "non-stand" type: they are perfect, and cheaper!

   Metal variety available singly from also have a wide selection, of different types

There is also a wide selection of iPhone apps for tally counting

Habit reversal aids

    Anything that keeps one's hands busy when otherwise they would be scratching can work as a habit reversal aid. A recent Habit Reversal Tip  from Alex (aged 11) is the Tangle toy - see for example : he says it works for him!
    Read also the review by Jasmine Gardner on Tube Toys - all can act as habit reversal aids - check out Rubik's 360 at
Otherwise a stress ball is always a good stand-by: again, see where they have other novelties that may suit some...

Mindfulness App

Mindfulness appThere is a wide range of stress busting apps to choose from. Some are free and some cost a little. The Mindfulness App gives a number of useful functions in an attractive layout. Try it out  and let us know how useful it is.


Atopic eczema and dealing with house dust mite allergy

Habit Reversal Tip #11 Turbocharge your habit reversal with meditation

Habit Reversal Tip #9: Discover your skin-safe behaviours