Younger Children

 Younger Child
Chapter Five of Atopic Skin Disease - A Manual For Practitioners gives an account of The Combined Approach for Younger Children. It is supported by "Live Without Eczema" - The Patient Handbook for Younger Children and Their Parents. The stages of treatment are outlined, with an emphasis on how the parents, and others, are required to be involved. Assessment is followed by the first two treatment phases, at three levels for phase one: emollients, topical steroids and habit reversal, and at two levels, emollients and topical steroids for phase two. The protocol for the treatment is arranged according to the age of the patient and the number of people involved. Twelve rules for parents - six general and six practical, are discussed. Follow-up is the third treatment phase, when continuing parental vigilance is required. The chapter closes with a review of problems encountered, including the importance of recognizing the relevance of a parent also having troublesome atopic eczema.


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