The Combined Approach to atopic eczema - A Series of Steps

author/source: DrB





For success with The Combined Approach, whether the format followed is clinic-based or self-help, it is important that the programme nature of the approach is properly understood, right from the start - and taken account of.

In clinic we explain the importance of commitment - by both practitioner and patient - when first discussing the approach.

Thus the programme for adults and older children involves both making and keeping a series of four appointments with each other over five weeks.




The appointments are best agreed in advance and booked as a block. The time allocated for each can vary, from as much as an hour for the first assessment to as little as 20 minutes for reviews.

Availability may require adjustment of the time between appointments, but experience has shown a week for registration and four weeks for treatment can work best.

The clinic-based format surrounds the crucial homework carried out in-between clinic visits - registration, for one week between first and second appointments, followed by treatment for four weeks, with a third review appointment at half-way to monitor progress and adjust treatment as necessary.

The fourth appointment plans follow-up, with reviews at six weeks and six months.

The self-help format of The Eczema Solution book follows the same arrangement as for the clinic: one week of registration, then two weeks treatment, then review, then, after another two weeks treatment, planning follow-up.


For younger children and their parents a similar programme is recommended: