The Snakes and Ladders of Habit Reversal

author/source: DrB



The children’s game of Snakes & Ladders came from India.

Progress in the game depends on getting ahead using ladders, avoiding the hazardous snakes.

Success using habit reversal [HR] in The Combined Approach [TCA] to chronic atopic eczema depends also on helpful and unhelpful factors...



The HR Ladders: helpful!

• Using the clicker!
• Ensuring optimal conventional treatment
• Support from significant others
• Planning HR for particular circumstances
• Brilliant results within only a few weeks
• Availability of a Zap-Pack at follow-up



The HR Snakes: unhelpful!

Demoralisation, from past experience
Prejudice - clinical and non-clinical
Failure to understand TCA
• Starting HR without registration
• Starting TCA when distracted by life events
Stopping HR too soon - needs about four weeks!