Eczema warning: cold snap on the way

author/source: DrB



My skin is like my piano: in cold weather it goes out-of-tune. The piano is an old upright: the strings are held tight by metal pegs that are fixed by brute force in a piece of wood, the wrest plank. Wood is sensitive to humidity. In cold weather, air contains little water and the wrest plank dries out. Then the pegs slip in their holes, the strings slacken and the piano goes out of tune. Call the piano tuner.


He advises we should use a humidifier in the room to help keep the piano in tune.

My skin tells me when the piano needs tuning because it too dries out in the cold weather, and then it itches! Not only because of the cold weather, but also with the central heating. This warms up the cold dry air. The now warm dry air absorbs the water from the wrest plank, and from my skin, leaving both dry and out-of-tune.


The skin needs more frequent use of moisturizer in cold weather!