Going to University with atopic eczema

author/source: DrB



Going to University can be a big step.

Here are some things to consider if you have atopic eczema:

  • Take with you any medical records you have, including the name and address of your doctor before University
  • Sign up with the student health service and arrange in advance to have any prescribed treatments through a doctor there
  • If you find your eczema flares up, check out the cleanliness of your accommodation: unfortunately the house dust mite and student life are closely linked! If this is a problem, sometimes a room can be allocated without soft furnishings - easier to keep dust free.
  • It may also help to have your own bedding - pillows especially, but also sheets, pillow cases and coverings. Some favour cellular blankets that can be washed regularly.
  • Going to University is exciting. There’s lots to do - both work, and social life. Pace yourself - especially if you already know that overdoing things can lead to eczema flare-ups
  • If you also know that stress causes your eczema to flare, allow for this too.

But mostly, of course, have a great time!