Can you suggest a new moisturizer? Nothing seems to work....

author/source: DrB


My daughter has severe atopic dermatitis and we have been following the advice of the dermatologist. Our problem is we cannot find an effective moisturizer. We have tried so many different products. Within ten minutes of applying an emollient the skin looks as if nothing has been used for days: the skin looks as if it has been sucked dry. What do you suggest?

Answer: Dry skin has many causes. The structural damage caused by long-term rubbing and scratching is one of them. The treatment then is not a new moisturizer, but The Combined Approach. What is needed is the optimal application of any moisturizer and appropriate use of a potent topical steroid in combination with four weeks behaviour modification - habit reversal. Discover how to eliminate chronic eczema, and see how the skin can then recover its own natural ability to prevent water loss.