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Severe eczema sufferer since about 14years -now been  present for approx 4years. Eczema from foot to head - continuous erythroderma and maybe hives too? Condition very depressing, extremely uncomfortable and itchy. Am feeling increasing 'low'.  Using various prescribed creams/ointments, but it never goes away.  Still trying to overcome a recent infection to neck and also an infection to leg.  Apart from dry skin, overheats very easily - unable to have 'normal' life/unable to carry out 'day to day' activities/cooking/secondary and sixth form education affected/unable to seek employment.  Also asthma sufferer since birth, mostly under control, but briefly hospitalised a few times in the past.  Incidently my father is also a life-long asthma sufferer and my older sister developed an oral allergy (anaphlaxis) to some fresh fruit and veg at around 13years old.

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I am a parent of a young man with severe ezcema.  I recently viewed an intro to this site on YOUTUBE.  My son's life has been adversly affected by this condition which arose at around the age of 14years.  So far, I feel that this site is very helpful and informative to sufferers and their parents.  I have found that guidance for eczema sufferers is not available so I hope this site will prove the contrary.  It is very interesting.  Thank you very much for giving sufferers hope.