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Nine slide-show presentations & subsequent discussion from our recent London Meeting

Think positively....                                               


  • Then chronic eczema needs more than conventional treatment with moisturiser and topical steroids.
  • If the behaviour modification treatment habit reversal is added, treatment can be successful in only four weeks.

             "There is no need to Live with Eczema -
             there is now the possibility to Live without Eczema"
          ... Dr Peter Norén, Uppsala, Sweden


"Behavioural Dermatology - the combined approach to atopic skin disease"

pp20-22 March 2011 EXCHANGE
The UK National Eczema Society Members Magazine.

Behavioural medicine - of which behavioural dermatology is a part - links medicine with human behaviour to improve our understanding of physical illness, and therefore improve its treatment. Behavioural medicine takes account of the behaviour of everyone involved - practitioners and patients.
The Combined Approach to atopic eczema is an example of behavioural dermatology. It combines a very simple behaviour modification technique - habit reversal - to eliminate habitual scratching and enable natural healing, together with optimised conventional treatment, to provide a very successful treatment programme.


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this article from Exchange March 2011 pp 20-22

          .... Discover how to enable natural healing!

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Dr Christopher Bridgett

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The Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London UK

Home of The Combined Approach to Atopic Eczema

Enabling natural healing is a self-funded membership website
On "The Combined Approach"...

"There is no doubt that The Combined Approach to eczema described here is effective and so will improve the quality of life for many patients with atopic eczema"

Dr John Cotterill, Dermatologist

"The treatment programme is very simple, and is based on common sense"

Dr Peter Norén, Dermatologist

"This programme has left my skin stronger, more versatile and most importantly more manageable than I can remember. A welcome break after 24 years."

F.R., Patient 24 years old

" was striking how such a horrible and unpleasant experience could be easily dealt with by these really simple and straightforward measures..."

J.H., Patient 62 years old

"The programme is a complete success and has changed my life in a way I never thought possible! I am very grateful"

Patient 23 years old

"Using The Combined Approach, the patient is empowered to take charge of their eczema, and stop it controlling their life"

Dr Valerie Dock, Family Physician

"He is now facing his teenage years without weeping sores. The programme is clear, logical and easy to use, and I cannot recommend it more highly. It has made a tremendous difference to his life - thank you : we are extremely grateful"

Parent of A.L.,11 years old

"The Combined Approach is effective in reversing the distress and low self esteem of chronic atopic eczema - it gives patients both skills and knowledge to control their eczema, and to improve the quality of their life"

Jill Peters, Dermatology Nurse Practitioner  

" Since completing the course my skin is a lot healthier. There are relapses but these can be zapped as instructed. Overall my general well being and comfort have dramatically improved. Thank you"

N.A., Patient 29 years old

"I was sceptical before the treatment began but I’ve been amazed by the results. My skin is the best it has been in my life. It has without a doubt improved my quality of life – it’s also improved the quality of life of my partner who no longer has to put up with my scratching through the night!

E.M., Patient 20 years old

"At my advanced age I developed atopic eczema for the first time, and was soon frantic with itching and scratching. The Combined Approach really worked for me! I am not cured, but I am dramatically better. Now I only need daily moisturiser, with topical steroids for a day or so only every six to eight weeks."

R.W., Patient 74 years old 

"Within a few days he was hardly scratching. It was quite remarkable."

I.O., mother of 2 year old

      Drawings by
              Mats Böllner