Using a fidget toy can be a good skin-safe behaviour


The Combined Approach adds habit reversal to conventional treatment.

Habit reversal involves learning how to switch from habitual skin-damaging behaviours to new skin-safe behaviours - allowing the skin to respond to conventional treatment.

For adults and older children making fists for 30 seconds, followed by skin pinch-or-press for any itch, usually works well as a safe substitute for most scratching and rubbing:


For circumstances when this is not easy to do, and skin-damaging behaviour is otherwise quite likely,

  • planning ahead,
  • doing things quickly and
  • keeping ones hands busy

are the general rules to follow.

Each person can work out things for themselves - their personal behavioural prescription.

For example:


Keeping the hands occupied depends on the situation, and what is available.

A fidget toy can be great to use as a skin-safe behaviour - but make sure it is skin friendly: no tempting sharp edges that can turn it into a useful scratching device!

Playing with the soft elastic gel toy shown above seems ideal.

Also, do not forget habit reversal needs to be combined with optimal topical treatment, and requires awareness training beforehand, to be effective!

Any suggestions from your experience?