What previous training does a practitioner require to learn The Combined Approach?

author/source: DrB




  • As suggested by Valerie Dock, the basics of how to use The Combined Approach successfully can be quickly learnt (see Getting Training) by any interested nurse or medical practitioner, without any prior special training or experience.
  • It is expected that practitioners using The Combined Approach have an understanding of the diagnosis of atopic eczema and its conventional treatment, as set out in Atopic Skin Disease - A Manual for Practitioners. All nurse and medical practitioners have in their training instruction in the general behavioural principles that are emphasized in The Combined Approach.
  • The particular technique habit reversal as used in The Combined Approach is simplicity itself, and is based more on common sense than any special idea or theory.
  • When there are difficulties (see difficult cases, p83 in the manual) using The Combined Approach they may be first discussed with the patient, and then if necessary with an approriate colleague, as the difficulty may be resolved by seeking more expert opinion - this is however more likely to be dermatological (see Complications During Conventional Treatment, p36 in the manual) than psychological advice.