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Topical Tips #10 The Effective Use of Moisturizers

publication date: Jun 27, 2012
author/source: DrB
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The effective use of moisturizers is the most important part of the successful treatment of atopic eczema. Clinical experience emphasizes these 5 important principles :

  • Use emollient as a prevention of skin drying, rather than a treatment of dry skin
  • Use a little and often for the best results
  • Apply gently and quickly: no rubbing in - that's counterproductive!
  • Have moisturizer constantly available, in small, handy quantities
  • Use both before and after washing, showering and bathing


Otherwise, which moisturizer to use is best decided on by trial and error:

patient's preference is more important than practitioner's prescription!






The most fundamental part of treating atopic eczema successfully is the
prevention of skin drying