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  • Graham MacKenzie
  • Research Fellow
  • University of Stirling
  • I have a personal rather than a professional interest in eczema, dermatillomania and other body-focussed repetitive behaviours. I work as an academic psychologist and so I often research this personal topic during my lunch hour. I have had eczema since birth, I am told, and over the past few highly stressful years I have had several bad flare ups that have stopped me functioning well at work and at home. I am a habitual scratcher, and even now that I haven't had a flare up for over six months thanks to a new regime of applying 50:50 ointment several times a day, I find myself scratching and picking at my skin whenever my mind wanders.
  • This site has lots of useful information and the tone of the articles is nice and friendly. It helps to normalize and explain a behaviour that comes with lots of self-criticism for failing to master your willpower.
  • I would be happy to participatre in any research projects on this topic. Feel free to look me up at Stirling.