Newsletter #18

author/source: DrB

Winter Newsletter                                                                                          January 2014

                                             Eczema Alert: Cold Snap Coming*


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                                    New Articles October - December 2013

The cause and treatment of lichenification deserves better recognition in eczema management guidelines

There are no short cuts: to succeed with habit reversal always use a hand tally counter

Timing: the ability to choose the best moment for some action

The Combined Approach to atopic eczema is a home-based treatment programme

With The Combined Approach the best results are achieved if optimal topical treatment is introduced at the same time as habit reversal, after the first week of registration

Chronic atopic eczema in babies and infants has a characteristic distribution

My skin is like my piano: if I am not careful both can dry out in cold weather

The natural healing potential of skin tissue is remarkable: habit reversal switches it on


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                                                                                                   Dr Christopher Bridgett