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One of the spin-offs of starting a membership website is self-improvement , though not through auto-suggestion, but by following the incremental process involved in tweaking articles into shape for going live. And I can report that every day in every way I am getting better and better.
It was great meeting up with Bill Gould again this week - see On engagement - during his stay in Florence. It was here in 1991 that I first heard Bill talk, at a European Society for Dermatology and Psychiatry (ESDaP) Congress. Bill and his psychiatrist colleague Tom Gragg gave us an inspirational account of their joint psychodermatology clinic at Stanford. Their way of working is still spoken of as the paradigm we should aspire to. This year at Zaragoza, Spain, the biennial ESDaP congress showcased a similar joint clinic in London run by dermatologist Anthony Bewley and psychiatrist Ruth Taylor. There are still too few such excellent clinics.

Where was I?

Getting better and better!

Website building is not without frustration, even with the excellent help one gets, but the pros outway the cons. Just now I was adding to the Bill Gould article some links and discovered SDM - shared decision making - you will see from what he says SDM is evidently his preferred modus operandi, though neither of us thought about it, as such, at the time of the interview. Now I know about it, and am sharing it with you.
And on starting this post I also learnt about Emile Coué - I knew his mantra, but not its origin. There you have it - every day in every way. So far, anyway.
Cautiously, optimistic.