Newsletter #2

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Newsletter #2      December 2011




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News & Newsletters
The first newsletter went out in August 2011. Since then has gradually grown, both in membership and in content - see below!
The idea of the newsletter is to keep a high site profile for members - if you see something new that is interesting, please click on it and find out more. And please pass on the newsletter to others who may be interested to know about The Combined Approach to the treatment of atopic eczema.
Members news and announcements can be included here: please write in. We are hoping to provide soon a Directory of Practitioners and Clinics where treatment with The Combined Approach is available - if you can help with this information, please do so. The same goes for practitioners able and willing to offer training opportunities.

Members' Contributions

If you would like to contribute something to the site, please do: a membership site is all about active participation. See for example the Profiles, Forum, and Ask DrB. Also, most articles have an opportunity to leave comments.
Complementary copies of the eBook "Atopic Skin Disease" have been sent this month to members MarcieMom and Jennifer for their recent great contributions - see their invited interviews on Signing, and Tips for Practitioners.
Special thanks also go to Peter Norén, Valerie Dock (Primary Care) and Bill Gould (Keynote Interview) for their invited interviews, giving three different practitioners perspectives.
Congratulations! You will all be entered on our roll of honour!

New since August 2011

New Members. The membership has steadily grown since the launch, with both practitioners and patients - and parents - joining the site from all over the world. Membership remains free for founding members. Please spread the word!

New Members Home Page. I hope the lay-out of is not difficult to follow. When a new member first logs in, it is useful to have a road map to help navigate around the Aladdin's Cave! So posted now on the Members Notice Board is a new welcome message, with guidance of where to go first, and then after that, and so on. Please let me have your comments on this, and further suggestions.

RSS button. Now towards the top in the left navigation menu, this feature allows you to quickly see what has been added recently. By subscribing to the RSS (Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary) there are various ways of keeping in touch with site activity.

New Interviews. It was a pleasure to sit down again in September this year with Peter Norén and hear the story of how The Combined Approach came into being. His reference to the use of physical restraint in Dermatology was an eye-opener to me. I then found reference to it elsewhere, as mentioned in my blog earlier this month. Who else knows about it? Also new of course: Jennifer talks to DrB, and MarcieMom talks to DrB - all I think demonstrating the WWW at its best!  

New Articles. Since the launch in August, new under Topical Tips are The use of Creams and Ointments, and Moisturizing Children, while in Habit Reversal Tips there is Changing Behaviour. In Ask DrB, there is  why it's important to avoid saying "Stop Scratching"! FAQ features now Changes in Skin Colour, and Cold Weather Tips. A new idea, first suggested by Jennifer, is a Case Report: Mark Gets Better - based on several clinic cases, and illustrating how The Combined Approach is adapted for the youngest patient. Please let me know if you like it. In DrB's blog I have continued to allow myself to stray from the point - for example, since August: about proverbs, and about the nature of news. In Shopping Links the app has arrived: how many find a tally counter on a phone useful? And have you tried a stress busting app yet? Please let me know! And your suggestions for Shopping Links are very welcome.


DrB is often spreading the word about The Combined Approach on Twitter: @ckbridgett . New site articles are usually mentioned when they are published here. Its great when members who also use Twitter mention our articles and site. There is quite an active Twitter eczema community. It was through Twitter DrB  "met" MarcieMom (@MarcieMom) and Jennifer (@EczemaCompany) - see Members' Contributions above. DrB also frequently posts on Twitter comments about, and links to, interesting articles he finds when surfing the net, as well as re-tweeting interesting tweets and keeping in touch with other tweeters by direct messaging. If you haven't tried Twitter, it's worth trying! If you already use Twitter, please let me know what you think!

Dr Christopher Bridgett