Newsletter #9

author/source: DrB
Newsletter #9

July Feature: Iman talks to DrB


Newsletter                                                                                                                             July 2012

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New articles in July

Habit reversal is not difficult to use, but requires a programmed approach to be successful


Steroid medication is the specific remedy, just like the fire brigade is for a house fire.

Iman talks with DrB about how she first heard about The Combined Approach, and then used it, with help from her family and her son's nursery, to successfully treat the atopic eczema of her 2 year old son.

Understanding habits helps to see how useful they are, and when they aren't, how to change them.

It is an unfortunate fact that healing skin tends to itch, and scratching then follows itch, just as night follows day.

At all ages, amongst the many important effects on Quality of Life caused by atopic eczema, an adverse effect on sleep is common

Hypersensitivity reactions to a topical treatment can explain why there is no improvement with its use.

Using the telephone is frequently associated with scratching. For most of us it is not something easily dispensed with, even for the short period needed by The Combined Approach.

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