Newsletter #5

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March Feature: Methods of Scratching*


Newsletter #5                                                                                             March 2012


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Things are looking good for The Combined Approach to atopic eczema. There have been recently well-received presentations to practitioners in Birmingham, UK and San Diego, USA. The British Dermatology Nursing Group has now a psychodermatology subgroup, reflecting the increasing number of dermatology nurse-led clinics able to offer The Combined Approach in the UK. DrB has agreed to act as consultant to two newly proposed London clinics. New research to demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment programme in the UK NHS is now being planned. Please get in touch and share the news from where you are.


                                                  New Articles in March

Long term follow-up shows The Combined Approach to Atopic Eczema enables a new lease of life

Quality of Life effects are relevant in assessment, treatment and outcome when using The Combined Approach for atopic eczema

Check out the six ways that people usually agree are methods of scratching. Sometimes another way is described: if you have a special way, please share it with us!

Scratching is more than a response to itch, and the area that is usually scratched can be a favourite place that requires special attention with The Combined Approach if complete success with treatment is to be achieved. Do you have a favourite place to scratch?

Habit reversal in The Combined Approach deals with the thickened rough skin of chronic eczema: lichenification. Without this longstanding eczema, there will be acute flare-ups of new eczema. These need early and aggressive treatment for a few days only. Then there will be less and less trouble, as time passes: Living Without Eczema will be achieved!

The Combined Approach eliminates chronic atopic eczema, making it much easier to treat acute atopic eczema effectively: a knowledge of the factors or triggers that cause acute eczema is very useful - the flare up can then be predicted, and perhaps prevented.

Atopic skin disease, or eczema or dermatitis, are linked through the concept of atopy to hypersensitivities to external factors, as in asthma and hay fever.

The skin has two parts, the inner dermis and the outer epidermis. The epidermis is in a state of constant renewal. This is accounted for in The Combined Approach to atopic eczema.

Do you have a useful saying, that you heard years ago, that keeps coming back to help emphasize an important, though perhaps commonplace piece of wisdom?


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Dr Christopher Bridgett