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Summer Newsletter                                                                                     August 2014

Ten Tips for success using The Combined Approach to atopic eczema*



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                                         New Articles Summer 2014

Topical steroids need to be strong enough, and used for long enough

It certainly works, but may need longer, and might especially involve others

As with the young, the best results are achieved using a treatment programme

Habit reversal is easy to use - it does not involve any psychological expertise

"There is certainly no need to live with eczema: there is now a possibility to live without eczema" - Dr Peter Norén

When some progress has been made with habit reversal, it can be focussed to achieve complete success

Vigilance for the early features of acute eczema means early treament and prevention of widespread trouble - just like preventing forest fires.

The Combined Approach to atopic eczema is a treatment programme that involves behavioural change. This means more than simple prescription.


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