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Avoid Jargon?

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One of the tips for a successful blog is "avoid jargon". You might think that's rich, for an online activity.
Jargon comes at you fast and furious when you start to put together a website. How about the word blog itself? I had to look it up, and found incidentally there are sites a'plenty devoted to collecting and explaining online jargon.
And, by the way, blog = web log, geddit? Probably you knew that already, but I didn't. The alternative is weblog, which is easier to understand. I suspect jargon sometimes aims to make things difficult to understand - medical jargon for example, especially when Latin and Greek are used.

We can easily make assumptions about what is understood. 

In an online account of subscription websites the writer asks: "Why have I written this lens?"...and goes on to recount how embarrassed he felt when he realised he had previously assumed people knew what a subscription website is: "I often wrongly assume that people know a lot of what I take for granted".

OK, fair enough, but hang on a minute, what is a "lens" when its at home? 
Do you know? I certainly didn't, and was distracted by this ignorance such that I spent the next twenty minutes fruitlessly searching for its meaning on our favourite search engine, only to finally discover its meaning on the website where it was being used: A lens: "A page or flyer or signpost or overview article....everything known of interest...snapped into focus" through a lens, of course.

Language is constantly evolving, with new words entering our dictionaries all the time. On this site we come together for a common purpose, and to achieve this we first need to understand each other. 

Practitioners and patients need to find a common language for this to happen.

Please feed-back to me all difficulties that occur!

Otherwise, suggestions welcome.
Over and out.