Newsletter #1

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Newsletter  #1    August 2011


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The Site is live!

After several weeks gestation the site is now up and running:
Thank you everyone for all the helpful advice and comment - please keep it coming, now at Contact Us ... especially when you spot typos and other mistakes.

Latest additions:

• Getting Treatment

As a patient, find here where to start. If you are already in treatment, or are a programme graduate, see how the site can keep you on track. Post your comments onThe Forum

 Getting Training

As a practitioner who wants to offer The Combined Approach, see how it can be done. If you are already using the programme, let us know about your work in  Members Profiles, and in The Forum
• Emollients

Emollients in Common Use (UK, 2011) is an update to Appendix 4 of Atopic Skin Disease - A Manual for Practitioners

• Topical Steroids

Likewise, Topical Steroids in Common Use (UK, 2011) is an update to Appendix 5 of the manual

• Further Reading

Further Reading is an update to Appendix 9 of the manual 

• Other Useful Links

Links for further information and support. Please Contact Us with similar suggestions.


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Dr Christopher Bridgett.