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Behavioural design

publication date: May 28, 2011
author/source: DrB
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Nearly there. Going live, that is. First navigation and some content: then, after some important feed-back from potential members, the design...

Getting the site design right, for what you are now looking at, seemed to go much smoother than I expected. Having the input of Kate at Rose-Innes Designs
was invaluable  - as was the list from SubHub of points to consider. The design of the book "Atopic Skin Disease" has been an important influence: I'm hoping it's  attractive "look and feel"  has acted as a good starting point.

Then some more asking you like this, or that? Should it be this way, or that way? In the end, simplicity seemed a good policy, plus a unifying theme.... remembering  "A camel is a horse designed by a committee"(1).

The five drawings used for Top Navigation of the site are from the book, and are some of  the great drawings done for us by Mats Böllner
, from Helsingborg, Sweden. Here he is, a self portrait:


Today I heard he can do some more drawings for us, linking everything together with his gentle humour.
How good is that?
Must remember:  "A design isn't finished until somebody is using it" (2)
Steady as we go.

(1) Sir Alec Issigonis

(2) Brenda Laurel